"It's no lie when people say that the DJ makes or breaks the party - and all we can say is that our guests remained on the dance floor until the lights came on and they were kicked out of the venue. We thank Decibel for allowing us and our family and friends to have one of the best nights we have ever experienced."

Dustin & Simran

As a little girl, all I've ever dreamed of was a wedding in which all my guests were dancing, laughing, and having the time of their lives. I wanted to be the princess who stared into the eyes of her prince and had a romantic dance with all eyes on the dance floor. All my dreams came true with the help of our DJ and friend Gurinder, DJ Apogee. When we first spoke with Gurinder, we quickly discovered he was such a kind soul. Gurinder and Decibel have been such a pleasure to work with from the start. The reassuring emails, phone calls, and texts made sure my husband and I could relax and enjoy the beautiful experience of a wedding. I am blessed to have worked with such an amazing group of people, actually no, not just people, friends. It's true what they say, ain't no party like a decibel party. Thank you so much.

Kamal Sidhu

We had DJ Ace from Decibel and I have nothing but positive things to say about his work. Having someone that knows how to keep the party engaged with music and on the mic is a must and DJ Ace was a natural at doing just that. Prior to the event I sent in a handful of requests for different music to be played at certain times and he was very patient with me. Being able to keep directly in touch with the DJ and receiving suggestions really put my mind at ease and I knew that I had made the right choice. We've received positive feedback from our family and will be definitely recommending him to others! Thank you DJ Ace for making our party a memorable one!

Harry & Sonica

He truly had the greatest challenge thrown at him this weekend for my reception as we are now a very diverse family filled with Malaysian Chinese South Indian East Indian and Canadian! But an even bigger challenge, MY DAD! Lol. But this didn't stop him from bringing his A game. He killed it. Junior, 151 had everyone on the dance floor right away and it just didn't stop. Even when the lights came on it just kept going!

He was able to read the vibes of everyone and played a multitude of songs to keep the party alive. His ability to fuse Indian song with western throughout the night with a solid balance was unreal and key to keeping all families happy. He was able to connect with all my guests personally over the mic which was amazing.The fact that my father (who is a picky music guy) went up to junior to thank him personally really says a lot to the job he did. Especially when my dad is dancing to Indian songs.

We would like to personally thank you for the party of a lifetime and a wedding we will never forget and a party that everyone will be talking about for years to come! You've helped us set a high standard for every future wedding our friends and family will ever attend!!

From the bottom of our hearts a huge thank you to Junior from josh and I.

Sukhy & Josh

From our first meeting to our last, Decibel Entertainment has been professional and courteous! It is amazing to see a local company grow so big and still maintain its customer service on a personal basis. We always felt like they cared about us and our events. Like we said before, we'd book them again in a heartbeat!

We wanted the best, and we can honestly say we got the best with DJ Khanvict! Asad absolutely killed our reception! He knew exactly how to pull everyone from their seats and the bar onto the dance floor AND keep them there! From wedding and reception advice to our slow dance mix, he was always there to help throughout the entire process. Thank you for the pleasurable experience and for making our party unforgettable.

Aman & Aeryn 

I can't say enough great things about Decibel Entertainment. In my line of work branding, image and sincerity are all key qualities which I believe Decibel Entertainment emulates. Each of the Decibel employees I have dealt with have shown exemplary character, poise and professionalism. The DJs arrived earlier than expected in order to set up and test their equipment, as well as line up the media in order to perform optimally. From the pre-events to the reception, our crowd including family members and friends were engaged with the music, corroborated by the rocking dance floor!

We've had more than a half a dozen events using Decibel Entertainment since 2014, and I can tell you, there really ain't no party like a Decibel party!

Roshan & Karen

Jas was simply amazing, and I knew from day one when I heard him at my friends wedding reception 3 years ago that 808 knows music. I ran into him two week after the event at starbucks doing a consultation and we connected then and it was a great sit down with him. Jas kept the party going on the Monday night for our small intimate reception and we couldn't have asked for anyone better to choose our music for us. Decibel has amazing DJs and the team's professionalism is what make's Decibel the best in industry in my opinion.

I also want to say Branestorm was amazing at our engagement, I needed his help to make a couple announcements and he was on the spot ready to help out. Near the end of our reception, he came to our party to join us and be part of our celebration and we were very happy to see him there. He's a fantastic addition to your team and I hope you guys incorporate more people with that character as your team grows.

Gurmit & Gurdish

"It is very evident based on first contact with your staff that you have built a brand that reflects a certain personality. You are professional, punctual, accommodating, and know the importance of going the extra mile."

Raman & Priya

Pavan and I are extremely thankful that we hired DJ 808 for our reception. Thank you for accommodating our last minute booking and blowing our expectations away. Jas was amazing, everyone had a fantastic time and there were no problems. Pavan and I are still receiving positive comments from family and friends about how the dance floor was constantly full and there was a nice mix of fast and slow songs, as well as a variety of different types of music.

We couldn't have asked for anything more! Thanks again for helping us with all the planning it was so nice to work with someone who was so organized and professional. DJ 808 has our highest recommendation and we hope to work with him again soon!

Amrit & Pavan

Kid Kang DJ’d our engagement party and did an absolutely incredible job. The decibel team had an excellent understanding of the types of music we wanted to hear and executed perfectly. The dancefloor was packed all night!

I’d like to give a sincere thank you to the everyone at Decibel, they exceeded our expectations throughout the entire process including office meetings and contract signings.

We also contracted our photo booth through decibel which was very popular and well set up.  We are now looking forward to our wedding in the summer where we look forward to another party with the Decibel team!

Praneil and Kimbeley

It is very evident based on first contact with your staff that you have built a brand that reflects a certain personality. You are professional, punctual, accommodating, and know the importance of going the extra mile.

I cannot emphasize how important this is; person after person I am told that I chose the best of the best by having Decibel entertainment as a vendor. I appreciate excellent service and I know that I received more then my money's worth when hiring your company. It is more then the music, it is the environment your team creates; as your client, I felt important and accommodated, and my guests provided nothing but positive feedback. You know how to keep a party rocking all night long and have the reputation that obliterates any competition.

DJ Dapper was outstanding as he represented what I believe your brand stands for. My fiance and I were very impressed with his abilities. I could not have asked for a better night and Tevin made that happen for us.

Thank you. Wish you all the best and I will speak to you all once again next year when it is time to finalize my receptions package.

Raman Saini

My experience with Decibel has been nothing less than incredible, professional and amazing. I say “a Diamond in the Rough” as most of the businesses associated around the South Asian Wedding industry are less than professional to say the least. Most vendors, will try and cut corners and require a lot of supervision and checking. Decibel was truly one of those companies that I will be referring to everyone else for the rest of life.

I was very impressed with Asad and Jas from the beginning. The professionalism they bought to the table was very refreshing. I loved the fact that they were great listeners, in terms of narrowing down our music tastes and suggesting a DJ suited for us from a great selection they have at Decibel. Asad was always available to discuss our choices and concerns. It was comforting to have a fellow engineer taking care of business on the other end!

We got the dance floor, lighting, confetti, staging and a photo booth with Decibel. Staging was something that was out of the usual request but Decibel got it done like champs! The price was amazing and to top it off, they were real professionals from start to finish!! Anyone planning a wedding or going through one, knows that the best thing that a vendor can offer is the peace of mind. Asad and Decibel did that from the get go, I never worried about Decibel from the beginning.

Our DJ’s for the reception were DJ 151 and DJ Swift and let me tell you, they burned the house down! Everyone there loved them and asked both of us about the DJ’s. Personally, when I was walking around saying hello to my guests, I heard the music and said WOW! I’d rather dance, than say “Hello”! I remember looking around and seeing people dancing and having a good time and I was really thankful for Decibel.

At the end of the day, someone told me a great little quote... “Make sure you get a good DJ, no one will remember the food, decoration or the speeches, but people will remember a great party and the soul of a memorable party is a great DJ.”

Arjun Banga 

When they say BEST... These guys mean it! From the party at my house, to the maiyan, and then finally the reception, these guys killed it.

DJ 808 was on his A game at my house mixing old school and bhangra together to get everyone on the dance floor. The party really did not stop until I had to send everyone home because DJ Swift was going to be at the maiyan the next day. DJ Swift tore it up. He took the mixes and his dj style to another level and everyone loved it. Finally at the reception, DJ Upptown and DJ RSM had the party going right from the point me and my wife walked in.

Sitting at the head table I was itching to finally hit the dance floor. The party went on all night and it was amazing. I was fortunate enough to have a mix of the whole Decibel team and each and every one of them made my whole wedding week unbelievable.

Danny Chohan

"The man is a genius when it came to crowd control. His feel for what the crowd wanted to hear next was uncanny. He catered to all ages, all genders, and all ethnicities. He brought the guests to the dance floor and never gave them a reason to leave."

Arvinder & Jasmeen

From our very first meeting with DJ Khanvict in 2013, to the night of our reception, he reflected nothing but upmost respect and professionalism.

We would like to thank you for making our reception an unforgettable night - a memory we will cherish for the rest of our lives. It would be an understatement to say you’re a good DJ, you’re highly talented, a great person, and absolutely amazing at what you do. There wasn’t a minute where the dance floor was empty, considering it was a Sunday night the party went on until 4 am to the point where people had to be escorted out. From the flash mob, dance off,  dancing on shoulders with you and the security guard to saying one more song 100 times the night was everything we had imagined it to be.

We are so grateful to have had you be a part of our event and once again would like to thank you for everything you did. Undoubtedly the best in the business loved by all ages and audiences - and for those of you who are looking for a DJ, Decibel Entertainment is the way to go. Asad, we wish you all the best and continued success in the near future and cannot wait to have you DJ our future events.

Gunner &  Preethi

Has anyone been to a maiyan party that has to be shut down by the cops at 4am?  Lol don’t think I have either.  Only people I have to thank for that are DJ RSM & DJ 808.

The smile on RSM’s face when the crowd gets into the music says it all and is a true sign that he loves what he’s doing.  The ability to feel the crowd and go with what works for that particular group isn’t as easy as it sounds. But these two had our crowd jumping all night creating a pre-wedding event that people are still recovering from a week later.

On top of the great music, both DJ’s were extremely professional, respectful and great to work with.  Without a doubt, after working with so many members of the Decibel team throughout all of our wedding events we know that we won’t be going anywhere else for DJ services and feel privileged to have met so many great guys along the way.

Thanks for everything!

Sunny & Raman Chauhan

DJ Swift: I wanted to thank you thank on behalf of both of our families. Everyone cannot stop talking about the reception, they even had a talk show on it on one of the local radio shows! The music was perfect, and we all really appreciated how you played a mix of older and newer songs, the dance floor was packed the whole night! My grandma would also like to thank you for wearing a suit, she said you looked very professional.

Jammu and Toor families.  

We had the most insane reception party that either of us could have ever imagined because of DJ Khanvict!  We remember when we first booked you almost 2 years ago, all we had said was that the music had to be amazing because our family and friends all loved to party.

What you delivered the night of our reception was so beyond amazing that we don’t even have a word for it.  We’re not even exaggerating when we say the floor was packed from beginning to the very end which was 4:30 am and even then people could not get enough.  You personalized everything for us from our walk in song, to the music playing during cocktails and everything in between.  The entire vibe was us!

We could not thank you more for all of the personalization.  We did have a long list of requests and you accommodated every single one of them.  Not once, did you make us feel like something couldn’t happen, in fact you found resolutions to ensure that everything that we wanted worked out.

The biggest thank you of them all comes from me (Raman) for helping me pull off surprising Sunny with Cryoman, the surprised look on his face was the best reaction I could have ever asked for and I really could not have done it without you planning out the logistics of the entrance for me.

Thank you again!!! It really was the reception of the century and we are so happy that we picked you to make it all happen!

Sunny & Raman Chauhan

We could have not been happier with having DJ Arj spinning at our engagement party. His professionalism and experience shined through with any aspect; from our very specific itinerary to our completely random song requests throughout the night, he was able to take anything we threw at him and handle it all with ease.

The music was everything we wanted from start to finish. Arjun had the dance floor going well over 2 am - Bindrakhia, 2 chainz, Backstreet Boys, you name it, he had it. Not a single dull moment through the night!

Jasneet Bains

Four nights later, and we both still have some of the songs that DJ Ace played at our reception stuck in our heads. Honestly, Raman made our reception what it was, MAGICAL!

Without his musical talent we don't think our party would have been as epic as it was.  Hands down, best choice we made! Raman, you did a fantastic job and we both value and appreciate everything you did!! Keep doing what your doing, spinning awesome tracks, and sending out positive vibes :)!

Amol & Money

Absolutely the two most relaxed guys that you have on your team.  These two working together are quite the force to be reckoned with, and believe us our families pushed these two as far as we could.  DJ Dapper and DJ >Gary,  were at Raman’s Ladies party and Sunny’s Maiyan night.  Both nights were jam packed with dancing and the vibe was kept alive all night by both Tevin and Gary.

Since Tevin is younger and new on the team we really wanted to say a few words about how great it was to have him at our events.  He was polite to all of our guests, took all requests with a smile on his face and was very respectful towards everyone at both events. To see this paired with his amazing taste in music neither of us can’t wait to see what Tevins’ future holds for him…watch out for this kid, he’s going to be huge!!

Sunny & Raman Chauhan

If you were look up "killed it" in the dictionary, there would be a picture of DJ Upptown. Gurvinder took the centre of the stage before the dancing started and threw down non stop hits that kept everyone dancing.  Everyone at our reception had a blast and told us that we had an amazing DJ.

Thank you for bringing the party to Vernon. All it took was one email exchange and I knew that the music was safe in the hands of DJ Upptown.  You went above and beyond my expectations and were a great help on our special day.

Preet & Serene Jassi

We were informed about Decibel Entertainment by our family and dear friends, and impressed would be an understatement when describing our experience with them.

We had the pleasure of working with DJ 808 and DJ Swift for our pre-wedding festivities, and with DJ Gary for our 700-guest wedding reception. There was never a moment of displeasure or monotony during any of the events, and it's a real testament to Decibel's capabilities when attendees ranging from the age of 8 through 70 say "the DJ is amazing."

Decibel is a house of talent, a pillar of professionalism and a sheer joy to work with.  We wouldn't recommend anyone else, and our guests have already enlisted them as their top choice for forthcoming celebrations.  Fantastic experience!"

Gurveen and Jason

"We had family from the UK, Norway, California, Toronto, Calgary and all our friends and family from Kelowna and they were blown away at how amazing the music was and they can't stop talking about how much of a blast they had."

Rabdesh & Ravail

From start to finish of our wedding plans, you had provided us with the most exceptional service that any Bride and Groom can ask for. We had the opportunity to work with different team members and each group were extremely helpful in delivering on our vision for our wedding reception.

The custom backdrop team: Thanks for making our VIP decor section of the hall personal with the beautiful custom backdrop.

The photobooth team: What an eye catching set-up! Our friends and family loved how nice you put together our photobooth and it was a huge hit - thank you!

Asad (DJ Khanvict): you really helped make our wedding what it ended up to be. Without your unconditional attention and care for our one time life experience, we wouldn't have gained as much as we did. We are so grateful to have met you and been able to work with you and your entire team. Thank you times a million.

Saving the best for last... our favorite person of this whole experience, DJ 151 aka Junior. Words cannot express how thankful we are for all your work. Our family and friends are non-stop talking about how awesome you are. We are so happy to have you play a big part of our wedding reception - DJ and Emcee. You took the time to discuss our vision, worked with it and made it even better than we could imagine. Our reception with you part of it is one we will always remember. There is no question that Junior deserves high recognition and appreciation for his amazing work.

Our wedding would not have been complete without your team. We are so overjoyed with every part you had of our special day. Thank you so much again and we cannot wait to see you all for our next occasion.

Gurp & Lanoy Gill

First and foremost I would like to give a generous thank you to DJ 808! I am quite aware Decibel Dj’s put on amazing show for all types of events but my husband Pardeep and I found our reception exceptionally amazing!! As a bride you go through many stressful situations and booking your vendors can be one of them. You want to make sure you are carefree and with DJ 808 that is a guarantee.

One of the main reason we were in awe of DJ 808 was, he played a wide range of music, incorporating old school Hindi, Bhangra and hip hop with addition to new school hip hop and house. Jas was able to pull this off without any sort of playlist given from myself or without a detailed meeting. To fit in such an array of different genres was important to us because we wanted both sides of the families to be extremely satisfied.

To finish off, there was not one moment the dance floor was not packed. Our family had party hard until the wee hours of the morning and every minute was outstanding. I knew from the gecko when I booked DJ 808 that he would make an impeccable DJ to add to our party. All in all, I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice and I’ll say it again if you have not booked DJ 808 for your event; you must do so immediately! To this day, our families are still raving about the Jas and cannot wait to book you for there next event. Thank you for the memorable night!!

Jessica & Pardeep Rai

DJ Ace was fantastic to work with for our wedding reception. The ease of working with him was refreshing. When it comes to planning a reception,  the DJ plays a huge role and we are so grateful for Raman. He was amazing with our guests and kept the dance floor packed all night!

Thank you DJ Ace and Decibel Entertainment!

Raman Hunjan

DJ Arj: We just wanted to say thank you for such a great party last night! We loved the music so much that we kept talking about how well you catered to our taste. We are very happy for the kind of party you threw for our dance floor.

Thanks for such a great job!

Sunny & Daisy

DJ Gary made our wedding reception memorable and fun! He played to the crowd and played a good balance of Bollywood, Punjabi, hip-hop and top 40 songs. Gary also made sure the dance floor was lively and energetic. He was easy to work with when it came to requests and made an effort to get any song that he didn’t have. Gary also did a great job with introductions at the reception and really pumped up the crowd!

For the program portion of the Reception Gary was able to play the music on que without delay, which helped keep the crowd engaged. Overall we are very happy we had Gary be our DJ for our reception and would recommend him to anyone looking for a great DJ at their next event. Thank-you DJ Gary!


DJ Upptown was an excellent DJ.  He met with us before the event, and was very professional and helpful.   He had a lot of suggestions for us, and was attentive to what our needs were.

We were happy that we did not have to worry about anything at our reception, as he had made sure he took care of all the details we had discussed in the meeting.  We appreciated that Gurvinder dressed professionally to the event, and that he was attentive to the wishes of our guests.

Thank you DJ Upptown and Decibel for making our wedding and reception memorable!

Sunita Mathur

We are extremely happy with our decision to have DJ 151 at our wedding reception.  He did an absolutely amazing job and he was a main highlight at the reception.  Without him our reception would have not been as great as it was.  Starting with when we were about to walk in as a couple, he was able to get the crowd going and get every guest at the event to stand up and swing their white napkins in the air.  This made for an uplifting and positive mood.

Guests were talking afterwards about how this was a unique idea and how it really got the party going.  In addition, it was an amazing view to see everyone waving white napkins in the air as they do at the Canucks games.  Furthermore, DJ 151 was able to take our last minute song choices and ensure that the correct songs were played at the correct events, including extending the walk in song to tie it into the cake cutting aspect.  He was able to keep the crowd pumped and full of energy throughout the whole night.

Prior to the reception, we provided no song requests and only had one request of keeping it 80% bhangra and 20% english, he took that request and went above and beyond to meet it.  The music selection he had playing was excellent, it was all upbeat and met the needs of the younger and older guests, and ended off the night with house music and requests that guests had such as Backstreet Boys.

We HIGHLY recommend DJ 151 to other couples for their receptions and would definitely love the opportunity to work with him again.  Our guests couldn't and can't stop talking about how great of a dj he was and how great the music selection was, this was especially noticeable as the dance floor was always packed.  Some guests even missed dinner, as they did not want to leave the dance floor.

We couldn't be happier with the service that was provided by DJ 151 and the entire team at Decibel Entertainment.

Simi & Robby

We had a great time at our reception on Saturday night. DJ 151 and DJ Upptown were amazing and kept our dance floor packed until almost 3am.

We had guests from both Calgary and Vancouver and these DJs catered so well to our guests!  We were complimented over and over about our DJs.   As the bride my favourite part of the night was the 100+ people 'rail gaddi'  that I really wanted photos of.

The DJs started the song right on time and had everyone on the train!  So amazing!!  Lastly,  we sent Decibel Ent.  our requests and songs that we didn't want to hear and they totally respected our wishes...there was not a single song all night that we didn't love!

Thank you Decibel Entertainment and DJs 151 and Upptown for a great party!

Mike & Gagan

My wife and I envisioned our marriage in a few different ways, but when it came to our reception, we were on the same page entirely. We wanted to give the guests not just a party and a celebration. We wanted to give them an experience. One they wouldn’t forget. It needed the set up of a grand performance. That was taken care of when I ran into an electro-music concert lighting genius, by the name of Datar, and the organization he worked for.

Now the other requirement was not so simple to take care of. My wife, Jasmeen, and I are big music lovers. Not just bhangra music (mainly her), but hip hop and electro as well. It was a tall order to find the one person that could seamlessly blend those styles together. We had done some pretty extensive research regarding DJ’s for the reception. Watched videos. Listened to mixtapes. Some seemed like they could somewhat pull it off, while others made our dream reception feel more like a pipe dream. That was until we came across a website for a guy called DJ Khanvict.

When we came across to that website, my wife and I went through the audios and the videos as usual. First thing we noticed other than his sound was his look. Dressed to impress. Having a DJ in jeans and a t-shirt was not the ideal look we had in mind. He was in formal attire in almost every picture and every video that we saw. That was impressive. We both knew we had to book an appointment with this DJ. Grabbed the phone, dialed the number, and booked the meeting.

We met up at a coffee shop in Surrey. Sat down and then time just flew. We talked for a long while but it felt like mere seconds had passed. We talked about our idea for how we wanted it to be an Avicii-style type of set up and feel for the reception. He named songs that I assumed only I listened to. He named artists that I thought only I had heard of. After taking into account reviews by friends, family, photographers, and videographers, we knew Asad was the guy we were looking for, and Khanvict was the DJ we needed. The search had finally ended.

As months passed and the big day came closer, we had begun to fine-tune everything regarding the music. He asked me to give him a list of 15-20 songs for both hip hop as well as electro music. It took me some time to pick and choose a handful of songs out of the thousands I have loved. I sent him the list, told him the entrance and slow dance songs, and gave a brief idea of how the itinerary for the night was to be. The pre-work was done. All that remained was the party itself.

When it came to performing at our ambitious celebration, we wholeheartedly believed nobody could do it any better than Khanvict. That night, he proved it. He had sound-bites he used during the various speeches which added a comedic edge to everything. He interacted with the crowd like no DJ we’ve ever seen at a reception. He took the list of songs I gave him and implemented them into the festivity in some way. Most surprisingly of all, he made the dance-off extremely fun. That was remarkable since both my wife and I were not fans of dance-offs. He cracked jokes and kept the energy levels at their peak the entire night. The man is a genius when it came to crowd control. His feel for what the crowd wanted to hear next was uncanny. He catered to all ages, all genders, and all ethnicities. He brought the guests to the dance floor and never gave them a reason to leave. Our dream had become reality.

Thanks to Khanvict, the reception was much more than a celebration; it was an experience. That is one performance nobody will ever forget. That is why we chose him. That is why many others will as well…

Avninder & Jasmeen Heer

"Not once, did you make us feel like something couldn’t happen, in fact you found resolutions to ensure that everything we wanted worked out."

Sunny & Raman Chauhan

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