DJ Swift

Gary Luddu, also known as DJ Swift, is a skilled DJ who was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was at the age of 16 when Swift decided to take up DJing as a hobby. Aspiring to be a well-known Vancouver DJ, Gary soon saved up and bought his own set of turntables and mixer so he could master the art of mixing. His ability to mix numerous types of genres seamlessly has truly led him to become a very recognized young DJ in the industry. His music selection varies from Bhangra and Bollywood to Top 40, Old School, RnB and Hip Hop.

Aside from his ability to mix seamlessly, Swift runs an incredible series of Bhangra podcasts on Soundcloud that averages over 40,000 plays monthly. His creative mind has led him to blend, mix, and match Bhangra tracks with Western tracks in an unbelievable way.

With DJ Swift at your service, you and your guests are guaranteed to have a night that you will never forget!


DJ Swift literally killed it at the event! His skills are extra ordinary. He knows the crowd very well and knows which songs to play to please every person. Almost every guest at our event complemented the DJ. We made the right decision to have Decibel’s DJ Swift for our event. He had the right mix of songs which would cater to all needs. Thank you for making our event even better!


Gary you cultivated such a lively, high-energy room that was so inclusive of both families and all friends. Being a mixed, blended family, Gary had lots of tastes to appeal to; eastern...western ...and lots in between :). He did a fantastic job reading the room and tailoring his music to the diverse crowd. I received numerous messages from family and friends (of all ethnicities) commending you on the music variety.

Stephanie & Raja

DJ Swift is a great asset to the Decibel team, we cannot praise him enough! With a large party of well over 600 people, DJ Swift was able to keep the dance floor packed throughout the night. And played a multitude of "old school jams" as we had requested. He made our Engagement party feel like a Reception! Good music and great ambiance aside, we commend DJ Swift on his receptiveness to taking requests, he was approachable and extremely friendly. DJ Swift goes above and beyond what is expected of a DJ, we highly recommend him!

Lisa & Pauly

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