DJ Khanvict

DJ Khanvict - AKA Asad Khan, is the top South Asian/Fusion wedding DJ on the west coast, as confirmed by several industry professionals and credible client feedback. He won the Best Wedding DJ Award for 2015, 2014 & 2013 at the BC Professional Wedding Awards as well as the South Asian Wedding Awards and has performed across multiple continents. He has rocked wedding receptions with attendance in the thousands and massive parties at banquet halls, outdoor venues, high-end hotels, boat cruises, clubs, and concerts. His ability to mix between a diverse range of music genres such as Bhangra, Hindi, House, R&B, Hip Hop and Top 40 has seen him earn nothing but rave reviews from clients across Canada.

Integral to the success of a critically acclaimed wedding DJ is their mic presence, an area where DJ Khanvict especially excels. Elevating his MC skills with an unprecedented display of crowd interaction. Complementing his ability on the mic, his distinguished stage presence tops off the overall vibe of the event with dazzling DJ setups ranging from DJ Consoles with Truss to full LED wall setups comparable to the likes of high profile EDC artist setups. He strives to ensure that each and every guest has an unforgettable experience and the dance floor remains bumpin’ throughout the night.

The sentence continues. And he continues to serve.



"DJ Khanvict went above and beyond to ensure that we had the best party possible. My fiancé is Punjabi and I am Arabic and I did not request any Arabic music knowing that it would be very difficult to find and play on the spot. Yet Khanvict surprised my family and I with Arabic music and that brought tears to my eyes."

Aliyah & Navdeep

It comes with no surprise that DJ Khanvict gets inquiries for events many years in advance. We booked him for our wedding reception immediately after booking our venue nearly three years ago, based solely on his podcasts. Little did we know at that time, this would go on to become one of the best wedding decisions made. As someone who is extremely particular and a lover of all music, I could not have possibly asked for more from Asad. In addition to being an extremely talented DJ with amazing taste in music, he is a wonderful entertainer with a great sense of humour. We were reluctant to attend a reception the week prior to ours after learning he was the DJ so as to not spoil our experience with him. That was definitely not the case.

Asad is exceptionally detail oriented and has a talent of instantly picking up features of the crowd to deliver a unique, customized experience each and every time. We can wholeheartedly say that this was the most amazing wedding reception we have ever been to and we owe a lot of that to Asad. Watching him DJ is also an experience of it's own; the sheer enjoyment on his face while dropping hit after hit is priceless! We are truly thankful to him for keeping our dance floor packed and our guests entertained into the wee hours of the morning and moreover to Decibel for providing prompt and amazing service throughout the whole process. Their passion for music and entertainment is reflected in their work, which is nothing short of extraordinary, all around. We can't wait to attend more Decibel parties in the future!

Tanveer & Randeep

Booking DJ Khanvict and the entire Decibel team was hands down one of the best choices we made during our wedding. DJ Khanvict rocked the party out until 4am and was still prepared to keep it going. It just goes to show you how passionate Decibel Entertainment are in ensuring their clients are happy.

Khanvict went above and beyond with fantastic communication leading up to our reception to ensure that we were getting a custom experience that fit our needs. You can definitely tell he didn't just hit play on his laptop and ride into the night. Every song was carefully chosen to ensure we got exactly what we wanted. We worked on trying to create something epic with the mannequin challenge and by how insane the response has been and how viral the videos have gone, we knew we did something magical. That just goes to show you how much time and effort Decibel puts into each party. There is a reason why Decibel continues to win awards year after year.

Decibel also introduced @eshaan_shiny to the world at our reception and people are still talking about him. If you don't know who Eshaan is, you will soon find out cause he is making quite the buzz after our reception and the POS Holiday Ball! Eshaan created the perfect ambiance for our cocktail hour as he played the piano while everyone enjoyed. From English music to Hindi songs, he covered it all beautifully.

I know you have many options when choosing who to DJ your party, but we will hands down say, Decibel turns clients into friends and give you the custom party that fits your crowd and style. We can assure you that you will not be disappointed with choosing Decibel entertainment as your party starter. Like the hashtag says #AintNoPartyLikeADecibelParty

Thanks again DJ Khanvict and the entire Decibel Entertainment team!

Sharn & Jina

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