DJ Gary

Gary Nijjar, colloquially known as DJ Gary, is an industry-leading DJ based out of North Vancouver, British Columbia, with over 15 years of experience. Inspired by his older brother, another DJ, a young Gary shadowed his brother around on various gigs, quickly picking up smooth DJ techniques and technical knowledge of sound engineering at an early age.

Mixing in the knowledge and experience he gained in his youth with his own unique DJ’ing style, DJ Gary quickly established himself as one of the hottest DJ’s in town. Specializing in Bhangra, Top 40, and Bollywood music, he is now one of the most prominent DJs in Vancouver and currently sits as the resident DJ at Bhangra Idols in Vancouver.

Given his lengthy experience, DJ Gary possesses extensive knowledge in music and his massive collection of Bhangra, Bollywood, and Top 40 tunes from old school to new continues to grow by the day. Starting off the old school way, he has maintained his longevity in the industry for the past 18 years by adapting to changing technology, seamlessly making the transition from cassette tapes and vinyls, to CDs, and finally to the digital music techniques relevant today. The fact that DJ Gary has continued to stay among the top of his profession speaks volumes about his skill, hard work, dedication and adaptability. His profound mic presence and ability to gauge the crowd and vary his music selection accordingly make him an effective DJ in any situation.He can always be relied on to give it his all and leave his clients with nothing short of satisfaction.


DJ Gary was absolutely fantastic. The funny thing is my dad was against hiring an external DJ, he just wanted to use the house DJ. I eventually convinced him, but there was 1 stipulation, if the dance floor wasn't packed all night, I would have to pay for the DJ. Needless to say the dance floor was packed from 9 till 2. Even my dad was getting his dance on. All the guests sai

Mandeep & Natasha

Your guys service was amazing as usual. This is my families third time using Decibel DJ Gary and we've never been disappointed. We loved the air guns and song choices! We will definitely be in touch in the future again for more events!

Kiran & Amit

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