DJ Apogee

DJ Apogee is an award winning Disc Jockey (DJ) and Music Producer based in Vancouver, British Columbia (B.C.). Having reached endless heights of prosperity, his continuous hard work had lead him to secure an award as a leading 2015 ‘Wedding Industry Expert.’ Apogee’s compositions include a variety of unique productions and live performances to popular tracks in the music industry. His trending remixes and podcasts consist of Bhangra, Bollywood, Hip-Hop, EDM, Trap, House, Dub-step, Old School, Top 40s and many more. Experimenting with heavy bass combined with electronica, acoustic, dhol and so forth; DJ Apogee’s fan base continues to keep growing as he promises to cater his DJ service to a diverse range of audiences around the globe.

Apogee is now a top, eminent DJ in B.C., inevitably setting new bars in the growing music industry throughout Canada. In addition, Apogee specializes in ‘Ready-to-Rumble’ themed dance-off battles by utilizing his excellent MC skills to pump up the crowd as an enjoyable and interactive way between himself and the audience to connect on a profound level. Having a sharp ear for music, he continues to expand his knowledge and work extremely hard while keeping humble to his unique style of production and performance. From spending endless nights to perfect his skills as well as his workmanship, Apogee still craves and has the ambition to learn new tricks to be the best in the industry.


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