History Of Holi

The history of Holi stretches back to ancient times with its origins tied to various stories in Hindu mythology, the celebration of spring arriving, and as a day to forgive past mistakes and reunite with loved ones.

The date of Holi is based on the full moon but is usually around early March. Holi lasts two days with the first day celebrating the conquering of good over evil with bonfires and prayers. The second day is where things get crazy and colourful. To celebrate the joy of spring and new beginnings people throw inhibitions aside and cover each other in coloured powder, called Gulal, turning everyone into a happy, multicoloured mess.

Holi In Vancouver

Although originally celebrated in India and Nepal, Holi is being celebrated all over the world now and Vancouver being the multicultural city it is, offers many events to take part in the festivities. The Indian Cultural Association holds an event for Indian expats to connect with each other. Colour Fest Vancouver has an outdoor festival adapted for a more North American feel because it’s not only Indians celebrating Holi anymore.

UBC Holi 2017

The UBC Indian Students Association (UTSAV) holds a Holi event every year. Last year over a thousand people showed up. This years event took place on March 18 with 3,000 attendees and Decibel was happy to take part in creating the celebration once again.

Just like previous years, UBC Holi was free to attend and open to everyone. But last years festival was nothing compared to what we did this time. It was colorful, mesmerizing, intoxicating, loud, and proud. A true Decibel party!

I mean, come on, does this look like your typical Holi celebration?

The festival featured:

  • Decibel Entertainment as the live DJ’s featuring DJ Khanvict and DJ Sims
  • Holi Masala Food Truck offering a full Indian lunch menu
  • Colour packets (to paint each other up of course…it is called the “Festival of Colours” for a reason)
  • Afterparty at UBC’s Pit Pub with multiple Decibel DJ’s on the turntables once again.

Ain’t No Holi Like A Decibel Holi

Decibel was a part of last years festival as well but this year we took it to another level. We had a full stage, lighting setup, video walls, and smoke machines to deliver a true music festival experience. We even had a live dhol player. We hold no punches, you should know that by now. What did you have? An ipod hooked up to a soundbar? A DJ that won’t get on the mic? You should have partied with us.

Decibel doesn’t just stay glued to the turntables. Interacting with the crowd is the best part. Khanvict on the mic had a crowd of 3,000 people going left, then right, reaching for the sky, and screaming for more. Smoke blew over the multicoloured crowd of smiling faces. They all looked to Khanvict as he stood centre stage. Playing follow the leader he had everyone dance along with him, getting the crowd hyped. With the music blasted, everyone partied together like it was a reception where all the aunties had left.

You know what we’re talkin’ about. And if ya don’t know, take a look for yourself:

As you can see it’s not just about playing music. Creating a synergy with the crowd and having everyone dancing and being a part of something special turns a celebration into an unforgettable occasion.

Thank You Everybody

This Holi was a chance for all of us to truly be free. Hosting and DJing this festival, connecting with all of you in the community and getting coloured up was the highlight of our careers and a celebration we will never forget. Being the reason for thousands of you to dance, go wild and let your heart out was absolutely amazing. It can’t even be put into words. We are so thankful we could make that happen once again. We felt the incredible energy partying right along with you to the music we all love. To all of you who joined us and all of you who missed out, we’ll catch you the next time we rock the crowd at another festival! …Block party anyone?

Bringing The Community Together

A lot of good people came together to make this event possible. Funding from the university was reduced this year but that didn’t stop the sponsors below from helping to make this years festival bigger and better:

Well, we’re sad its over but this isn’t goodbye, we’ll see you later. There’s another Holi next year. And now that you got a little taste of what we’re capable of, we’re sure we’ll see you there. You know we got big plans and can’t wait for Holi 2018! In the meantime, look out for us at another festival in your community. Until then, you’ll have to settle for this:

Author: Andy Kalirai

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