Why Is A Professional DJ So Important For Your Wedding?

You want to feel like a star. You want to take over the dance floor and dance the night away. You want to lose yourself in music and feel like you’re on top of the world because this is your night. You want to take this time to feel every beat, dance to every song, smile with everyone, and have somebody there to play the music you love. Someone who can read you and the crowd and make them jump, shout, slow down, come closer, and show off. You want somebody who wants to make your night awesome and is willing to stay until the party is over, not end the party themselves.

Every Indian reception has a DJ. That’s a fact.  When you have over 500 people coming to your event with each one spending hours getting ready to have a good time and let loose you’ve made 100% sure that the entertainment is in the hands of a trusted professional who can move a crowd and get everyone excited, making hands go up and uncles go down, and can flow smoothly between old school Bhangra and new school Hip Hop and everything in between. Right?

The truth is a lot of people don’t take a lot of time or care to decide the DJ. They don’t think it’s important.  They have other things to worry about.  Decor, food, outfits, and the list goes on. While those are all very important, so is the evenings entertainment.

But you might be thinking, “What do I need a special DJ for?" All a DJ does is play music right?  Queue up a song and press play?

What Does A DJ Do?

Anybody can play music.  But can your DJ blend tracks together smoothly so there’s no pause or awkward transition between songs?  This can really kill the vibe on a dance floor.  Can you imagine being lifted up on your friends shoulders and then the music pauses before the next song starts?  Or you go from upbeat song to upbeat song to upbeat song and you can’t keep up anymore.  A DJ has to have transitions so people can rest and go slow and then go hard again without any pause in between.

Can your DJ read a crowd and know which song to play next?  Did the DJ meet with you to go through what kind of music you want and don’t want?

If it’s all ladies on the dance floor and the DJ plays “Hor Glassy” versus “Look Lak" which do you think would be a better fit?  At any given time there are so many different ages on the dance floor that the DJ has to appeal to everyone and to the energy of the room.  Playing Drake while there’s still a lot of older family members on the dance floor might not be the best idea.  If the groom and his boys start flooding the floor later in the night then “We Dem Boyz” might turn them up.

The DJ has to be a part of the room and see everybody in it to make sure he can feel everything out. If he’s stuck in a booth off to the side and isn’t paying attention to anyone then it’s hard to create special moments by putting on that perfect song at the perfect moment. Like when you and your friends start doing the moves from “5 Taara" and all of a sudden what song comes on? “5 Taara”! And your friends go wild. This is what a great DJ can do.

Does your DJ get on the mic and interact with the crowd to get them pumped and provide entertainment like dance offs or lip sync battles? These bring people together and lets the bride and groom show off what they can do. Because why not? You have this one night and it’s not coming back so try something new, go all out and have fun!

These are the main reasons a professional are so important but there are so many other items that may need to be taken care of:

  • Gathering all of the important songs for your entrance, the slow dance, slideshows and for any other entertainers that may be performing
  • Co-ordinating with other vendors, like the photographer, to make sure they know when important moments like a dance off are going to happen so he is ready to go and not somewhere else
  • Lighting the dance floor and having a beautiful stage setup to give you the atmosphere you want at your party

Put In The Effort…It’s Worth It

And the list goes on. There is a lot of prep work a DJ must do to be ready for your day but you don’t see it. When you arrive at your reception all that preparation has been done and now it’s time to play! You don’t want to worry about technical issues, equipment not working, hard drives crashing or anything else that could go wrong. So why go with someone just because they’re cheap or “pretty good”? Why put one of the biggest nights of your life in the hands of anybody who is not a trusted pro?

The price may be more but it’s for good reasons. With a real DJ you can enjoy the party knowing a professional is there to keep the crowd moving. A real DJ is dressed well, doesn’t drink during the night, and is never sloppy. A real DJ cares and puts in the effort to see how people are reacting and gives them what they want and more. A real DJ is also an MC and interacts with the crowd and keeps them entertained. A real DJ goes the extra mile.

Like I said, this night won’t come back again (hopefully!) so go out with a bang, make it count, and please spend some time picking a DJ that is right for you.

Because at the end of the night this is what you’re going to remember:

How Does Decibel Go The Extra Mile?

This speaks for itself:

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Author: Andy Kalirai

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